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The Works Bundle

The Works Bundle

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This Bundle includes the following:

(8oz) Sheacocoa Hydrating Deep Conditioner

1 (8oz) Hibiscus Leave in Conditioner

1 (8oz) Thirst No More Moisturizing Twisting Cream

1 (4oz) Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil

1 (4oz) Ayurvedic Sealant Butter

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Customer Reviews

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Kalisa Young

The Works Bundle

Georgie Pierre

I use these products on my 3 year old daugther hair as well as in my hair. My hair is so hydrated and shiny! And the pineapple body butter is just divine! Thank you Chen!


I saw a young lady on the GO train, with the most beautiful twist out I've seen in real life! I was so compelled to ask her what she used. She directed me to and shared the products she used. I immediately came home and purchased this bundle. As soon as I used the deep conditioner on my hair, it's like my hair said: "Thank youuuuuuuu!" I've tried a lot of products, but have NOT seen my hair respond with such coil, moisture and lustre as I have with these products. I also love supporting a small business within my community! Thank you for these impressive products that have allowed my curly kinky 4C (I think...ha) hair to come through with such beauty and grace 💕