Interview with Canvas Rebel

Interview with Canvas Rebel

Chenelle Moseley Owner of Natural By Chen sat down with Canvas Rebel and had the opportunity to share her story, speak about her hair journey, and much more. Here is a preview of that interview, read the full article by clicking on the link below!
Alright, Chenelle thanks for taking the time to share your stories and insights with us today. So let’s jump to your mission – what’s the backstory behind how you developed the mission that drives your brand?

The mission of naturalbychen is to teach, to educate and to empower the black community on how to care for and love their natural hair, especially individuals with highly textured type 4 hair. Growing up in the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago, I never liked my natural hair. I felt like it was to “hard,” or to “nappy” to comb, which would often hurt when my mom combed it. This happened because there were not quality products for my hair type. As a child, I wanted my hair to be like the kids that had loser curls, or mixed hair and often dreamt that I had that hair.....

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